About the Evolutionary Ecology & Biodiversity Group

We are just curious and, among other things, we are seeking to understand why organisms are either so much diverse or so similar.


We know well that “You can’t always get what you want, but if you try sometimes well you just might find you get what you need”*.


We are working both out in the field and in the lab, at the Section of Animal Biology, in the Department of Biology of the University of Patras.


Our research focuses on the interplay between ecological and evolutionary processes.

Specifically, our efforts have two main directions. Firstly, we look at how the ecological interactions and historical factors influence the diversification of animal organisms and speciation. Secondly, we investigate the processes that shape the insular and mainland communities and produce biodiversity patterns of terrestrial animals.


* Rolling Stones (1968)


Contact us:

University of Patras, Department of Biology

Section of Animal Biology

GR 26500, Patras, Greece

Tel: +30-2610-969218

E-mail: sinosg@upatras.gr